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Sexual Assault First-year Education (SAFE)

This is an introduction to MSU's Sexual Assault First-year Education e-learning program, or SAFE. At MSU, we are strongly committed to maintaining a campus environment that is safe for all students. Sexual assault is not only an act of sexual violence, but is also a form of sexual harassment. Sexual assault constitutes a violation of state and federal laws, MSU policy and student conduct regulations. It is an attack on one's sense of safety, well-being and dignity. It is not tolerated at Michigan State University.

This e-learning program will not take long, but is important. Please pay close attention to the definitions, the message and the resources available on campus. We can all help to prevent sexual assault by becoming informed.

If you are a sexual assault survivor, please be aware that the program may trigger feelings that you may want to process with professionals. Please contact the MSU Sexual Assault Program if this is the case at 517-355-3551(business line), 517-372-6666(24-hour crisis line) or

Because the University believes this topic is so important, there is an expectation that every incoming student take this e-learning program before they start classes AND that they take the Sexual Assault Relationship Violence (SARV)Prevention session during their first year on campus. The SARV Prevention program is a peer led, interactive workshop that allows students to talk about these serious issues in a more in-depth way. You will learn more about SARV later in this e-learning program and when you arrive on campus.

If you have any questions or concerns about the SAFE program, please contact the MSU Office for Inclusion at 517-353-3922 or

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Stay SAFE.

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Contact Information

If you do not want to report sexual assault, but want to talk to someone confidentially, please contact the MSU Sexual Assault Program

The MSU Sexual Assault Program provides counseling and support groups to MSU students.  The Program's 24-hour hotline and advocacy services are offered to anyone in the greater Lansing community.